Piano & Keyboard Lessons

I've played piano since the age of five, and have been teaching piano and keyboard lessons since 1992.  Growing up, I studied Suzuki Piano for eight years, so am well versed in the method, as well as traditional methods such as Alfreds and Hal Leonard. 

For children, I have experience using both the Suzuki books/cds and other traditional books.  My favorite traditional books to teach out of are the Faber & Faber Piano Adventure series.  However, I am always open to using any method that the student might be more familiar with.  I enjoy working with students from the age 8 to adults in their 70's!

I am a strong advocate of learning music theory and the "formulas and patterns" behind all the scales, chords, arpeggios, etc. that we all need to learn on piano.  I have a very fun & interactive method for teaching this.  I love to get students improvising and writing their own music early on.  I am also a strong believer in the idea that the student has to enjoy what they are playing and learning, otherwise it is difficult for them to remain motivated to practice!  Therefore, I always make sure to incorporate songs or pieces of music that the student enjoys playing into each lesson, whether it be pop, rock, classical, blues, jazz or ???...!

At my studio, I teach on a weighted, 88-note Alesis QS8.1 keyboard and have the ability to use my recording studio to record lessons or songs that the student is working on/writing!

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