Guitar Lessons

I teach both acoustic and electric guitar and am experienced in teaching the following styles: rock, funk, folk, jazz, metal, r&b, blues, etc.  In the past 25 years, I have worked with children as young as 8, adults in their 60's, and everyone in between in both private and group settings.  I've taught all skill levels as well, from beginners to professionals who are gigging musicians!

Although I stress the learning of music theory right from the start, I make sure to tailor every lesson to what the student is interested in.  If it's learning popular songs, that's what we'll do, but I'll always find a way to fit some theory in- relating to what the student wants to learn.  I'm a very open minded teacher, it's never "my way or the highway".  I want to make lessons and practicing fun for the student so they'll stay motivated to keep playing!

I also have recording equipment that I like to utiliize during lessons.  I can help students write songs, record backing tracks to play over at home, or even record the lesson so they can remember everything we did when they get home!

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