JCMS Lesson Policy

Payment Policies:
Payment options: Cash or Check made out to Jenny Case

The best means by which to contact me is my e-mail address: jbasscase@gmail.com.  I do not regularly keep my phone with me during lessons, as it can be an interruption, so please do not call or text.

As of September, 2019 the fees for lessons will be as follows:
30 minute lesson: $36
60 minute lesson: $72

Payment Options:
PAYMENT PLAN I (full payment): Payment in full due at or before first lesson of each semester.
PAYMENT PLAN II (2 payments): One-half due at or before first lesson of each semester. Second payment due at or before the first lesson in the second half of the semester.

Returned check fee: $25

Studio Policies:
Please let EVERYONE who may be bringing your student to lesson know about the following policies:

Drop off and pick up your student on time. I cannot run overtime due to late arrivals nor can I be responsible for supervising a student once the lesson has concluded.

Please note that I unlock the door 5 minutes prior to my lessons starting for the day, so please do not arrive earlier than that as the door may be locked.

Parking:  You can pull into the driveway to drop off or pick up your student, but please park behind my Subaru Forester on the gravel side of the driveway or on the street, rather than in the center of the driveway.  Do not block the driveway. 

For students under the age of 10, I do ask that parents accompany the student in and out, and attend at least the last 5 minutes of each lesson.

The studio entrance is the door located next to the garage.  Please come in (no need to knock), remove your shoes, and head down the stairs to the waiting room.

No food or drink allowed in the studio (water is ok).

Weekly Lesson Policies (September thru May):
This studio runs on a semester-based system.

2019/2020 Semesters
Fall: September 3 - December 20 (no lessons Nov 19-21)
Winter: January 6 - March 27
Spring: April 6 - June 5

Students will make a commitment to their weekly lessons for the entire semester.  It is recommended that most beginners practice a minimum of 15 minutes per day (five days a week). This may vary depending on the student’s age. Younger students may practice only 10 minutes per day while teen or adult beginners may need to practice 30 minutes per day.  Advanced students should expect practice up to an hour or more per day.  No matter how long a student practices, the key to advancing is consistent, daily practice at least five days per week.

Tuition is to be paid per the Payment Options as indicated below.  This payment secures students the same assigned weekly slot in my schedule for the entire semester. 

Payment Options:
PAYMENT PLAN I (full payment): Payment in full due at or before first lesson of each semester.
PAYMENT PLAN II (2 payments): One-half due at or before first lesson of each semester. Second payment due at or before the first lesson in the second half of the semester.

Students are allowed one scheduled missed lesson per semester (“scheduled” means more than a 24 hour notice is given). If there is more than one scheduled missed lesson, the student should expect to pay for the missed lessons in order to retain their time slot. An unscheduled missed lesson (no show) is also considered lost without make-up. Last minute or unexpected illness, sports practices, games or any other activities that result in a missed lesson should be considered a lost lesson.  Please do not attend lessons if you are sick, have a fever or virus. If you were not able to attend school or work due to an illness, it’s probably best that you don’t attend a lesson.

Lessons are not automatically canceled due to inclement weather.  Even when local schools have declared a snow day, it is likely that lessons will still be given that day.  Road conditions often greatly improve by late afternoon or early evening when most lessons are scheduled.  When in doubt, please check your e-mail, as I will always send out a notice if there are to be lesson cancellations.

As a courtesy, please provide as much notice as possible for any lesson you are unable to attend.

Prior to each new semester, I will send an e-mail containing the dates and tuition for the upcoming semester.

Once a student is assigned a weekly lesson slot, as long as payments are made each semester, you are permanently in my schedule until you give me notice otherwise; i.e. there's no need to "sign up again" each semester.

The studio policies have been developed to foster the serious study of music with my students and to allow me to function both as a performing artist, non-profit director and as an effective teacher.  When a student enrolls in my studio, they are registering for an entire semester (or the portion of the semester remaining from the date of enrollment).  This means that the student has been assigned a specific time on my schedule for the entire semester. Therefore, if a student decides to drop in the middle of the semester the full balance for the remaining lessons is due in full.  I am not able to offer refunds if the student’s schedule changes, as my schedule is most often full and typically cannot accommodate moving the student to a new time slot.  In the event you need to discontinue lessons, please notify me *at least* two weeks ahead of the last lesson of the semester.  Cancellation must be given via e-mail (jbasscase@gmail.com).  This includes changing lesson times, as once you are booked into my schedule, that is your reserved time slot.  Typically, changing time slots is normally not an option due to my full schedule.

Summer Lesson Policies (June through August):
During the summer I am typically out for 6-7 weeks due to summer camps & travel, and for the rest of the summer I can be fairly flexible with scheduling.

Summer lessons are still $36/half hour and the 24 hour cancellation notice still applies.

It is my wish that the policies I operate under were made clear to you through this communication. If there are any questions, please feel free ask! It is my hope that these policies will help promote the best learning situation possible.  Thanks!